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Swanson Dental offers a wide variety of services and technologies to meet the varied needs of our patients.  These services fall into four categories:  Preventive, Restorative, Aesthetic, and Comfort dental services.  

  • The Preventive category includes services like teeth cleanings, oral exams, oral cancer screenings, and soft-tissue (gum) evaluations.
  • The Restorative category includes services such as fillings, crowns, bridges, and implants.
  • The Aesthetic category covers white fillings, veneers, teeth whitening, teeth contouring and  more.
  • The Comfort category includes nitrous-oxide (laughing gas), emergency treatment, pre-medication, blankets, support pillows, comfort techniques, and care.

We are committed to improving and expanding our services through continuing education, hands-on seminars, and workshops.  We want to offer you the highest level of dental care that is available.