Crowns (Caps)

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If the structural integrity of your tooth has been compromised due to decay or other  dental issues, we may recommend a crown restoration.

What is a Crown?
A crown is basically a “cap” that fits over your current tooth and restores structure and strength to an otherwise damaged tooth.

At Swanson Dentistry, we are determined to use no metal at all in our practice, so our crown restorations are crafted from carbon-molecular materials such as Zirconia and composite. This ensures we deliver the highest quality restoration possible, and we inspect each crown carefully when it arrives from the lab to make sure your smile will be absolutely perfect.

Whether you have broken or cracked teeth, have had a root canal or a large filling, dental crowns are durable and last for many years. We match the shape, size, and color of your natural teeth, making your restoration virtually undetectable.

The Process
We will remove any decay from the existing tooth, and shape the surface to prepare for the crown. A temporary crown is then used to ensure your bite is aligned properly and will serve as a placeholder until your permanent crown arrives from the lab.

Your crown can be completed in as little as two appointments. First, we take impressions of your tooth to create a mold for your custom crown, which will arrive .  Once your restoration is perfectly crafted, we’ll schedule another visit to remove the temporary crown and clean and restore the permanent crown. You’ll be comfortable throughout both appointments, and you'll leave with an accurate bite and brand new smile.
Crowns are ideal for patients with:
• Broken, cracked teeth
• Decayed teeth
• Large fillings
• Fractured fillings
• Endodontic (root canal) therapy
Find out if crowns are the right restoration for you and take control of your oral  health. Get stronger, healthier teeth with Swanson Dentistry.

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