Endodontic (Root Canal) Therapy

Eliminating Pain and Infection in Manchester Mouths

Your natural teeth are one of the key components of your beautiful smile. That’s
why it’s important to save your natural teeth whenever possible. Root canal therapy  treats an infection or extreme decay in the nerve of the tooth, and restores the
natural tooth structure and balance to your mouth.
Instead of having a problematic tooth removed, which can result in more issues for  the adjacent teeth and gums, our team may recommend root canal therapy.

The Treatment:

Root canal therapy can treat the following issues with your teeth, eliminating painful symptoms and restoring your original smile:
• Decay of the tissue inside the tooth, known as tooth pulp• Infection or abscess inside the tooth or at the tip of the root
• Trauma or injury to the tooth
• Abscess on the gums, indicating infection underneath

The Process:

You’ve probably heard that root canals aren’t fun. While we can’t guarantee it’ll be the time of your life, we do guarantee your comfort. Throughout the procedure, keeping you relaxed is our top priority. Dr. Swanson and his team use antibiotics before the procedure, to treat the infection and decrease pain. By eliminating the infection prior to performing the  treatment, the success of the root canal therapy is increased. When the procedure is complete your tooth will be completely cleaned and free of decay and infection. Depending on the structural integrity of the tooth, a composite filling or a dental crown may be placed to cover the opening where the dentist cleaned the tooth. Sensitivity may persist after the treatment, but should subside  once the inflammation heals. Don’t let decay and infection dominate your beautiful smile. Instead, get the treatment you need in our relaxed, comfortable environment. Swanson Dentistry is proud to serve Manchester, performing root canal therapy for patients throughout the community.

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